aphtrordfohdghfgj i am so sleepy
probably my favourite chara to draw from ina cause hufff his design

"im getting kinda tired maybe i should go to sleep"

*eats a pixie stick*

"ok maybe now"

*eats another pixie stick*

Yuzu - Hyori Ittai
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Yuzu - Hyori Ittai


Day 25. Favorite opening/ending

Favorite Ending: Hyori Ittai (2011 anime)

if I was a monsterboy/monstergirl/monsterperson, what kind do you think I would be?


spoilery wadanohara dump~


Finally. I’m home.


every single episode something new happens that i have to classify as “should not be appearing in a sports anime” but inazuma 11 just doesn’t seem to care now does it